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Virtual Posher

Increase Your Poshmark Sales....
Share, Follow, Meet, Repeat..... Poshmark Bot!

Virtual Posher makes Poshmark fun again! Leveraging AI we are a software automation tool that allows you to focus on the fun things on Poshmark while our bot does the rest.  Our chrome extension allows you to Share items from you closet and your favorite Poshers, Follow Poshers, Meet and Welcome New Poshers, and export your products for cross sharing on other platforms.  Freeing you up to do the fun things, like shopping, sourcing, and interacting with your customers.

Well Organized Closet

Watch us in action!

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What We Do For You

Leverage Virtual Posher to do your heavy lifting

Image by Becca McHaffie
Festive Party
Wandering Koreatown I found a welcoming watering hole._edited.jpg

Share Your Closet

Share your closet, share your friends, share your followers, share new Poshers.  We simplify the sharing process by allowing you the ability to automatically share all the items on your page, all the items in your closet.

Follow Other Poshers

Increase your Audience size. Quickly follow other Poshers.  Follow unfollowed Poshers from your closet, from your followers closet or new Poshers closet.

Welcome New Poshers

Reach out and actively engage a new Poshers by welcoming them to the community.  Auto comment on the Meet New Poshers page.

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Virtual Posher is free to try and only $9.99 per month after that.

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